1. You will receive a text on your cell phone, like the one below, within 24 hours of collection:

    “The results of your COVID Antibody test are available at the following link: https:// 1cbf1b1bf1c1”

  2. Click the link and you will be taken to a secure portal where you will enter your LAST NAME and DATE OF BIRTHNOTE: Please enter the correct Day, Month, and Year that you provided in the following format (mm/dd/yyyy).
  3. Click Sign In 
  4. At the top of your report, you will be able to select Download PDF, Email, or Logout
  5. To download your results to your phone, simply Click “Download PDF”
  6. To email yourself or others, you can Click “Email” then enter an email address to send the report
  7. Once you click Send Email, you will be redirected to the main report. Note: Your email will arrive as an attachment.